Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sew What: Recent sewing projects

I guess these are recent if you consider 4 months ago recent ... some are more recent than others I guess.  These are some cute Valentine's Day shirts I made for the kids.  David loved his car shirt!  The embroidery designs came from Applique Cafe.

Here are three cute knit long rompers I made for Luke.  I only wore them a few times before they were too short!  All of these designs came from Applique Cafe too.

I've had these pants cut out for Luke since the fall.  I finally got around to sewing them up just in time for (1) a very warm spring, and (2) Luke to outgrown them.  He looked really cute the few times he wore them.  (See pics below.)  David got matching pants in both prints and I think he will actually be able to wear his still in the early-fall.  At least these outfits were not a total fail!  I just used Heat 'n Bond lite on these fabric squares and straight stitched around them.  Not time for a trip to my mom's house to use her super-nice embroidery machine.


Seriously ... why is it so hard for me to get a picture of my boys together?

Claire is modeling a cute top I made for her.  My favorite thing is that she can wear it with a long-sleeve tee and jeans in the winter and without a tee and leggings in the summer.  I couldn't get a good pose out of her where you can actually see the dress.  The straps tie in the back in a cute bow.  This pattern is called the Addison top/dress and you can purchase the pattern here.

These two skirts came from this book.  I purchased the fabric to make the first skirt (fuller one), but had enough left over to make a slimmer skirt too (the second one).  I love this fabric so much, I don't mind having two skirts from it.  Super cute paired with white tee.

This dress is called Happy and I purchased it on Etsy.  I've had it cut out for a while and finally sewed it up.  Despite all the ruffles, it did not take long to make. 

This was my first attempt at "shirring" (using elastic thread in your bobbin and then ironing to make it cinch up).  You can see it close up below.  I wasn't hard at all, but I'm not sure I did it right.  Seems a little loose to me!

I am going on a sewing retreat next weekend (Thursday night-Sunday) and hope to have lots of finished projects to show you! 

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