Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: June 18

It was nice to be back to a normal routine this week.  We stuck to the menu plan for the most part.  I've got one carry-over meal that I never got around to making due to extra leftovers.  This week, I am trying to forego a trip to the store and pull some things from my freezer.

From last week, I liked the Mustard Lime chicken but Will did not.  It was pretty spicy.  The Baked zucchini ziti was a big hit with everyone and it was one of the easiest meals I have ever prepared.  The Slow-cooker Mediterranean chicken was very tasty, but next time I make it, I am not going to drain the artichokes.  The chicken was a little dry.

Dessert: Butterfinger Weight Watchers Cake

Breakfasts: Oatmeal on the go bars & Homemade pop-tarts

Monday: Leftover Baked zucchini ziti, salad & garlic bread

Tuesday: Broiled Asian BBQ shrimp, Asian noodles & veggies, egg rolls

Wednesday: Wacky Pack Wednesday at Sonic (or dinner at the pool)

Thursday: Italian Sausage and Pasta Dinner, garlic bread

Friday: BBQ sandwiches, chips, coleslaw

Saturday: Eat out with a Groupon

Sunday: Mini Chicken Pot Pies, fruit salad (lunch); Leftover buffet or pizza (dinner)

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