Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring Soccer for David

David played soccer for the first time this year.  He was a little hesitant at first, but actually ended up having a pretty good season.  Assuming you call scoring a goal in your first game then never caring to touch the ball again a "good" season.  I give him props for staying on the field and running back and forth in the right direction, which seems to be a problem for many kids in the 3-4 year old crowd.

First night at practice.

A pep-talk from the coach.

Time to practice!

First game.  David's face pretty much sums up his feelings about soccer.
David's first game.  That is him in the back (closet to the camera).

This is another practice later in the season.  In this league, they practice for about 30 minutes and then play a scrimmage against another team.

Getting ready to run some drills.

These faces he makes are cracking me up!

Big kick!

Everyone loves to crowd into the goal to retrieve their balls.
Deep concentration and fancy footwork.

Another classic "I'd rather be anywhere by here" face.

Here's one where he's having fun!

Another big kick!  This is the dad that coached most of their games.

Last soccer game was on a cold and rainy Saturday morning.

A quick team photo after the game.

And then our last practice/scrimmage.  I know ... weird it was after the last game but it was a make-up practice and the boys had to get their medals!

Some last minute coaching advice. 

A soccer pose for mommy!

So proud of their medals!

Overall, this was just an "okay" experience for David.  I think it might have been better if (1) the team had a consistent coach, and (2) there wasn't a boy on his team that was completely out of control and a major distraction (by that I mean he would lay down on the field, kick the ball out of bounds on purpose and think it was funny, etc.).  I think he will probably play one more season (in the fall) and then start baseball the following spring. 

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