Sunday, September 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: September 17-23

Most of the recipes I used last week came from Once a Month Mom, which is a freezer meal-planning service based upon the premise of having one BIG cooking day a month and then pulling meals from the freezer all month long.  The meal plan includes breakfast lunch and dinner.  I have never managed to pull-off the one big cooking day a month thing, but I do like the idea of having one prep day at the beginning of the week AND when making a meal, double the recipe and save the second for later.
All of this to say, my meal plan last week was intended to last over the course of a 2-3 weeks.  So, much of this week's meal plan will include leftovers or duplicates from things I made last week AND things I planned (and bought groceries) to make last week, but never got around to cooking.

Lunches: leftover Cilantro Lime Quinoa salad (I add diced grilled chicken), leftover Ham & cheese muffins

Monday: Caprese lasagna, salad, bread sticks 
Tuesday: Pizza Hut pizza (leftovers from Luke's birthday on Saturday)

Wednesday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese rolls

Thursday: Simple stuffed peppers, corn on the cob

Friday: Ginger cilantro baked tilapia, orzo pasta, steamed broccoli

Saturday:  a much needed DATE NIGHT for Will and I!

Sunday: leftover Chicken Caprese Sandwich, chips, cantaloupe

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