Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All About David

I had to post this because (1) I haven't done anything "scrapbookie" in a long time and I really miss it and (2) poor David told me yesterday that he was THE ONLY ONE in his class that didn't have his project turned it.  (In my defense, the deadline was "ASAP", not any specific date.)
This was a project for David's Pre-K class.  Each child was given an 11x14 poster board and told to put pictures, etc. about them, their families, etc.  It will be laminated and put into a book with the other classmates and put out in the classroom for everyone to view throughout the year.
Instead of printing the pictures and making a boring old poster, I decided to digitally scrapbook them (since all my traditional scrapbook supplies are in storage) and print 8x8, 5x7 and 4x6 prints to put on the front and back of the poster board.  Here are my scrapbook pages.

I think everything turned out so cute.  I worked on this on my laptop in the car while Will had the kids at soccer practice.  Whatever it took to get it done for my poor child!!
On a side note, David insisted on the Chick-Fil-A picture after we visited Chick-Fil-A for dinner and saw the mascot dressed as a fireman with a real-live firetruck and ambulance in the parking lot.  Apparently, it is community safety week (or month?).  The picture I had was on "pajama night" and David still (many months later) sleeps with the stuffed cow (in pajamas) they gave him that night.  (He also sleeps with a tot sock monkey from Sonic.)  Hey ... free stuffed animals are his thing!
And I love that Chick-Fil-A has kids' night the same night we have soccer practice each week.  We swing by there for dinner every Tuesday night after soccer.  Such a fun tradition!

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