Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tot school dropout

I had grand plans to do some tot school activities with Luke while Claire and David did their school.  While I did have some structured activities planned, I was also going to have some independent play items set up to entertain him too. 
Luke's form of play is this: dump it out, strew it all over the room (and under mommy's feet), scream a little bit, and then move on to the next thing.  Lather, rinse, repeat.
We made it through Letter A week and then I just quit.  He pretty much just wanders around upstairs, destroys my house, and "plays" while we do school.  The ipad is an invaluable tool too.
FYI, Luke was 23 months old in August.  And I probably won't try to do any type of formal learning with him again until the 2013-14 school year.  Ha!
Here he is stringing beads.
On a side note, Luke always just has one shoe on.  It is miraculous that we haven't lost any shoes while out in public, but anytime we are at home or in the car, he takes only one shoe off.

The playdough tray was a big hit.  Except that he ate a lot of playdough.

David really likes to play school with Luke.  However, Luke is not the most willing student.  The next few pictures are a few of our formal tot school activities from here.

Luke would play with the dot markers ALL DAY LONG if I would let him.  But then I would also have dot paint ALL OVER my house!
He is also a big fan of the coloring.  I finally found some JUMBO crayons that Luke cannot break.  He can identify a few colors, but cannot say their names yet if you said "what color is this?"

Maybe we will give tot school another try after Christmas break.  I think he would do great if I could devote 100% of my attention to him for about an hour and then let him play on his own.  Unfortunately, David is not an independent worker at all and he would constantly interrupt us.
If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to SHARE!

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Me and my chickadees said...

Thank you for your post. This is an encouragement to me since my son (20.5 months) does the same thing with items on our shelves while I am working with his older brother and sister. I have found the magnetic board to be something my son really likes (he likes "drawing"). He also likes any Leapfrog device with letters. At this point, I just try to accept that this is the stage he is in right now. I would love to hear others advice on this as well.