Friday, December 28, 2012

Hatcher Dairy Field Trip

Claire and I took a little field trip to a local dairy farm back in October.  (Hello, I'm really behind on my blogging!)  We joined up with another homeschool group and had a fun little day.  After the dairy tour, we got to sample fresh milk and butter.  Yum! Yum!
A fun "milk mustache" contest before the tour.

First stop: cow pasture.  This is all the pregnant cows.  They don't have to milk while they are PG.

These are the milk cows.
And some sheep.

And some chickens.  (The dairy sells eggs too.)

The chicken coop.

This is the farm "pet" cow.

Claire didn't want to get too close!  But she did pet him.

This is the barn where all the babies calves are kept.

Cute babies!

Delivery truck loading up with fresh milk!  This dairy delivers milk to the store within 48 hours of milking.  That is fresh!

This milking chamber.

Inside the factory where the fresh milk is processed and bottled.

Fresh butter.  This stuff was good!

Claire and her buddy McCall.

Obligatory cow photo.

Claire and McCall try their hand at "milking".

Despite the cold and mud that day, this was a fun field trip.  And we brought David and Will home their favorite fresh chocolate milk!

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