Monday, March 11, 2013

Girls' Night Out: A Painting Party

The girls in our LifeGroup had a little painting party last Sunday night.  We had 19 girls there.  It was such a fun night and hopefully, everyone got to make some new friends.
Please pardon our terrible tees, which were our painting smocks.
We all painted crosses and the art "teacher" didn't give us much guidance.  I wanted some step-by-step instructions.  I am not very creative on a blank canvas.
All the girls are hard at work!

Lots of paint colors to choose from.

Here are the finished products!
Kimberley R., Laura, Kimberly C., Heather C. and Melinda

Ashley J., Amy, Ellie, Susan G., Ashley S., and Rebecca

Cheri, Kelli, Charlotte & Me

Cayce, Kerry, Heather P. and Jenny

Here is my finished product (the red) and my inspiration.  As I said, I needed a lot more instruction!  I can't just come up with this stuff on my own.
I had such a fun time with all these girls!  I can't wait for our next girls' night out!

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