Friday, April 5, 2013

A hunting we will go ...

Both the boys had egg hunts at their preschools the week before Easter.  And it was COLD!  Like David-had-on-his-winter-jacket-cold and Luke's-egg-hunt-was-moved-inside-because-it-was-snowing-cold.
Here are some pictures from David's hunt.

Ms. Michelle giving out instructions.
And they are off!

Some of David's classmates.

Group photo.
David and Mommy!

Group photo with Ms. Michelle.

Here are pictures from Luke's Easter party and indoor egg hunt.
Time to eat.  These kids eat at 3pm like they haven't had 2 breakfasts and lunch already.  (Luke eats breakfast #1 at home, then has breakfast #2 around 8:30 at school.)

Some of Luke's classmates.

Fun Easter sensory bin.  Just glad all that grass isn't at my house!

The kids made bunny baskets out of milk cartons.

Time to hunt eggs.  Luke only picked up about 3-4 eggs because he kept stopping to eat the candy.

Luke and Mommy.

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