Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: My favorite TV shows

I haven't done a favorite things list in a while (or probably ever for that matter).  I really like reading these types of posts by other bloggers so I thought I would share one too.  I got the idea as I was scrolling through my very long list of TV shows on our DVR the other night.

10. Dance Moms: I know this show is PURE TRASH, but I can't turn it off.  I started watching it when a marathon of the first season while we were "hurricaned in" at the beach one Labor Day weekends.  I initially watched it because I was amazed at how good the dancers were at such a young age.  The show has really focused more on the mother's and their crazy antics during the second and third seasons, which I guess is appropriate since it is called dance MOMS.

9. Hawaii Five-O: When this show came on last season, it was my very favorite show.  Will and I watched it together religiously every week.  Maybe it came on 2 years ago?  I can't remember.  Anyway, this season has been less than stellar in my book.  Of course, we have about 11 episodes built up on the DVR that need to be watched.   

8. Go On: I love Matthew Perry.  In this show, he is in perfect neurotic Chandler from Friends mode, which is his finest.  The other characters in her therapy group are really funny too. 

7. Nashville:  This is another show Will and I watch together.  We watched the first 8 episodes over Christmas break and were hooked.  We're not really sure if we like the show all that much or just like seeing all the local footage of Nashville.  Some of the supporting characters really annoy me.  I love  the actress who plays Rayna (I'm a big Friday Night Lights fan) and I love hearing great country music!

6. How I Met Your Mother: This show had gotten a little blah this season (the 8th season ... we've watched since the beginning), but it started to pick up around Christmas.  All the characters are really funny and Will and I use lots of funny sayings from the show (like Doppelganger, "bro code" and "legen ... wait for it ... dary").  It reminds me of Friends in that respect.  Next season is the final season and I hope we finally find out how he met your mother.

5. Duck Dynasty: This show is so funny. We got hooked during another marathon when we were "rained in" at the beach (on a different trip).  The second season seemed a little staged to me at times, but the third season has been really good.  I love the good, wholesome family values they portray on the show. 

4. Modern Family: Oh my goodness, this is the funniest show on TV.  We watch it every Wednesday night after we get in bed.  All of the characters are so funny at any given time.  Will and I have discussed how we really couldn't choose our favorites.

3. Grey's Anatomy: I started watching this show in Season 1 (when I was home on maternity leave with Claire).  It has definitely had its high points and low points and I wasn't sure I could continue watching this season after the killed off 2 of my favorite characters at the end of the previous season.  But, this season has been good.  Different, but good.

2. The Good Wife: This is by far one of the best legal shows on television.  And this comes from someone who has watched a lot of them!  (nI watched L.A. Law long, long ago ... probably when I was too young to be watching it.)  Juliana Margulies is excellent in her role as Alicia Florrick and the show does a great job of pulling current legal and political events into the storyline.  If you don't watch this show yet, you should!

1. Scandal: I just started watching this show in December, but it is the most exciting show on television!  I watched the whole first season and the first half of the second season over Christmas break and it was INTENSE!  It is one of those shows that you really have to watch from the beginning to get all the back story.  But it is totally worth the time investment.

Other shows we watch: Parenthood, The Big Bang Theory, Gold Rush, Storage Wars, The Voice, Smash and Private Practice.

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