Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Claire's Birthday Trip

Claire turned 7 in April (still last month ... I'm only a month behind).  I talked her into a day trip to Atlanta to shop at the American Girl Doll store in lieu of a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. 
{FYI ... After 8 hours driving by myself in one day, I was kind of wishing we were at Chuck E. Cheese.}
At the last minute (like on Monday night when we went on a Wednesday), I decided to make Claire and her doll matching dresses to wear on her birthday trip.  Claire's dress became a top because I didn't have enough fabric for a dress.  Fortunately, I had a cute pair of MJ pants that matched perfectly.  I always hate that it takes me just as long to sew the doll dress as it does the big girl dress.  She was really excited and it turned out cute.
We headed out early and made it to Atlanta just in time to eat lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill ... Claire's all-time favorite restaurant.

Then, it was time to shop.  Little Claire and all the other AG dolls racked up!  And this is the time I think ... maybe the birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese would have been cheaper.

We love Molly and Emily (Claire has both of these dolls).

She was so excited to see Saige!  We had just finished reading her book before we went.

Look!  It's little Claire!

We opted to do the afternoon tea at the AG cafe.

Little Claire even got her own cup of tea.

And Claire got a Happy Birthday cupcake.

Claire and I.

Drink up little Claire.  We've got to hit the road!

What a fun day with my girl!

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