Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Soccer

Claire and David both played soccer this year.  David played up in U6.  He did fine.  I think he would have been bored in the younger league another season.  Claire is still playing U8.
It was a cold spring, which is surprising since we had such a mild winter.  We wore long-sleeve tees under our soccer jerseys almost every single week.  I even took a blanket one week!
Some pictures of David one Saturday.  He was kind of hit or miss as to whether he was really into a game or not.  Sometimes, he preferred to play with the scenery.

Most of the little boys from Claire's awesome fall soccer team played baseball this spring so we had a whole new team with the exception of her buddy Griffin.  This is her team at practice one night. (I get better pictures at a late afternoon practice than I do at an early morning game.)

Here David in action again.

David missed his last game because he was running a fever ... and it was 38 degrees that morning.
Here is Claire's team photo that Will took on his phone.  (I stayed home with David.)
Claire and her friend Griffin.

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