Friday, August 22, 2008

Sew What?

One of my favorite hobbies is sewing clothes for my kiddos. It invades a lot of my spare time (when I should be sleeping), but it saves me a ton of money and my kids have unique clothes that are made with love. On a side note, the kids clothing industry is OUT OF CONTROL. I refuse to pay more for my kids' clothing than I pay for my own when their clothes are about a quarter of the size of mine. I will give a shout out to on of my favorite kids clothing lines, Rosie Posie Children, that was started by one of my former book club buddies and a friend from church. Anyway ... I digress. The purpose of this post is to show off some of my handiwork. I hope to make this a monthly post so that you can see what I have been working on and so I will be motivated to get some projects finished. Below are some photos of outfits I have made over the past year.

Claire (18 months): October 2007. We will wear this again this year as a top with orange/white check pants.

Claire (21 months): January 2008 - Love the Snowman applique!
Claire and Hartley: August 2007-You can't see it very well in the photo, but the red fabric has little white elephants on it. The coordinating plaid is red/black/white check. Roll Tide! Hartley's parents are our best friends in Tuscaloosa and we stay with them when we go down to Alabama for football games. He is one month older than Claire.

Claire (15 months): July 2007

Claire (15 months): July 4, 2007

Claire (23 months): March 2008. This top to this outfit is reversible and the inside has a cupcake applique. She wore the top as a dress for her first birthday. For this past spring, since the dress was too short, we reversed the top and made a pair of matching pants.

Claire and Evie (2-years): Claire's top has super-cute clowns on the fabric (to celebrate her second birthday). Evie has on a little a-line swing dress that I made her and Claire with some super-cheap fabric from Wal-Mart. Both dresses cost me less than $4. Evie is my sister's little girl who is 3 months older than Claire.


Melissa said...

Sooo cute! I'm very impressed with your piping--I'm too lazy. This makes me go want to SEW!

svandyke said...

I hate piping. I always buy it pre-made. I hardly ever do it anymore unless it just makes the outfit really cute.

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I can't believe you've made all those clothes! Glad you got on the blogspot. Wasn't it easy?

svandyke said...

Yes-much easier than I thought. I still need to beautify my blog a little bit but I can figure all that out in due time.