Thursday, August 21, 2008

A cast of characters

Here we are. A few facts about each of us below:

Will: He is patient and kind. He is calm and level-headed. He is loyal and outgoing. He is smart and hardworking. Likes: Alabama football, golf, snow-skiing, Chicago, travel and watching ESPN Sports Center. Dislikes: change, mayonnaise (or any white, creamy food), people who are high-maintenance, clutter.

Susan: I am organized and nurturing. I am quick-tempered and a procrastinator. I am a bookworm and observant. I am quiet and reserved. Likes: sewing, scrapbooking, tennis, snow-skiing, reading on the beach, celebrity reality tv shows (e.g., The Hills), a good glass of wine, girls night out, Disneyworld. Dislikes: laundry, being overwhelmed, feeling tired, telling people "no", whining/complaining.

Claire: She is our firstborn. She is my mini-me. She is a busy little bee and a good helper to mommy. Likes: playing outside, swimming, swinging, talking on the telephone, singing, jumping high, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Elmo, Barney, french fries from McDonalds (really, from anywhere), bathtime, Dora panties, riding in Mommy’s car (because it has a DVD player), visiting grandparents, her cousins Evie and Davis, cheese, hot dogs, candy, ice cream and going to Beth’s house (our neighbor). Her dislikes: nap time, bed time, leaving the playground, mommy’s tv-shows, fireworks and timeout.

David: He is our baby. He is all smiles unless it is time to E-A-T. He is very laid back and rolls with the punches. He looks more like his Daddy, but still a lot like his sister at that age. Likes: milk, his swing, the mirror in his crib, kicking his feet, television, pulling Claire’s hair, his blue fuzzy blanket. Dislikes: loud noises, shots, medicine.

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