Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sew What?: September

Here are some outfits I made the kiddos over the summer. I know the point of this post is to motivate me to finish up some of my sewing projects and not post photos of things I have done in the past, but we are getting ready for vacation and I just can't seem to get upstairs to my sewing nook. I have 2 short rompers for David that are only lacking buttons and snaps so look for them in next month's post.

This is the first smocked dress I made Claire. I did the smocking last summer. I finally constructed and finished the dress this summer. This will probably be the last dress I ever smock for Claire too. You will see her wear it a lot!

Matching July 4th dresses for Evie and Claire. I knotted the shoulder straps to pull through the button holes instead of sewing on a button (I also extended the shoulder strap so it would be long enough to do that).

David got a bubble out of the extra July 4th fabric from the girls' dresses. I love this bubble pattern and this will probably be the last one I make unless I have another baby. Claire cannot wear bubbles anymore since she is potty trained and David will not wear bubbles next summer since he will be walking and I think they kind of look silly on little boys after the start walking.

This is the Children's Corner Johnny pattern and it is my FAVORITE little boy pattern. You can make a short or long romper. I love the duck applique! Too bad he has already outgrown this outfit.

This outfit was my mom's idea, but she never got around to making it so I made it since she had already purchased the fabric. The top is a shortened version of my favorite a-line dress that was quartered for a checkerboard effect. The shorts are from the CC Lettie pattern. I use this pattern a lot to make pants for Claire. You will see them a lot in my fall posts.

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