Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend update

This past weekend, we headed to the Will's hometown where we spent the evening with Will's family. Saturday morning, Will and I headed to Tuscaloosa to watch Bama play Tulane and the kiddos stayed with RiRi and DiDi (Will's parents). Sunday morning, we went to Will's Dad's church, ate a yummy lunch prepared by Will's mom and headed back home. Enjoy the photos below!
RiRi with her girls! Does anyone know how to photoshop drool out of a photo? Claire is a drool factory right now with her 2-year molars coming in.

Claire reading a story to RiRi. What a cute face! Again with the drool!

Davis really reads a story to everyone. Claire's story was more jibber jabber.

The Crimson Tide takes the field against Tulane. I felt like I was back in the Mike Shula era playing down to our opponent. However, Shula never would have pulled out a victory and Saban did. Although it was certainly not a pretty one, mark another win for the Tide!

Will and I at the stadium. We have this great group of christian guys sitting around us this year. During half time, they were taking a bunch of photos together like a bunch of girls. I thought, finally, these are my kind of people. Will usually gets mad at me when I try to take photos at the football games.

The Million Dollar Band at halftime. This year, the show is made up of all Queen songs-oldies but goodies. This doesn't show up very well in the photo, but the show closes with the band playing "We are the Champions" and the color guard has 12 flags with all of Bama's national championship years printed on them and the majorettes all have on different football jerseys.

(Left) Cousins Sunday morning at church. I am not real sure why Claire has her hand in David's mouth. All I know is that she was standing still and looking at the camera. I guess 2 out of 3 is not bad.
(Right) DiDi is tired after preaching the Sunday morning service and eating a big lunch. David is just tired. Look at his sweet little hand up by his face. I love it when babies do that.

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