Monday, October 27, 2008

Crafty Pumpkins

Claire painted this pumpkin at school last week. Isn't it pretty? Too bad that red paint is now flaked all over my kitchen.

I bought a craft pumpkin for Claire to make her princess potato head pumpkin. I think right here she is trying to put the ear on the back of its head. I showed here where the ears were supposed to go and we got the princess pumpkin finished up below.

Last but not least were the pumpkins I decorated. They will eventually make it out to our porch just in time for Halloween. I got this idea from my friend Lindsey. I love little d's pumpkin.

Look for more fall decorations to come. I got mums this weekend in Alabama for $4. What a steal! Definitely worth the funeral home smell in our car all the way home on Sunday. I hope to get them out tomorrow, just in time to bring them back inside tomorrow night for our first hard freeze.


Melissa said...

Gorgeous pumpkins!! How did you do them--did you trace them or freehand?

svandyke said...

I printed a font from the computer and traced over real hard with a pencil onto the pumpkin. Then I filled in with a black paint pen. Paint pens are my new fave crafting tool!