Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures in Eating

Adventure 1: Teething foods
We have now been given the go-ahead by our pediatrician to introduce biter biscuits and other teething foods. Claire didn't really care for the biter biscuits and they were a big fat mess so I was not exactly looking forward to giving them to David. David, on the other hand, loves the biter biscuits, and he knew exactly what to do with it when I gave it to him -- put it in his mouth like everything else he touches these days. Unfortunately, he loved it so much, he apparently forgot to swallow because about one minute later, he make a choking noise, started turning red in the face, and then threw up. After doing this two nights in a row, we are going on a biter biscuit fast for a few days. I must say, the cleaning up of the throw-up was a breeze with the Baby Bjorn bibs. (We had not yet discovered these bibs when Claire was this age and we have lots of food stained outfits as a result.)

Adventure #2: Naptime or mealtime?
Tonight, David actually feel asleep while he was eating his sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Apparently, I was not a very entertaining dinner date! I love how he has his sweet little hand resting in his bib. I let him sleep there for about 30 minutes. Note-to-self if this ever happens again: clean the baby food off of his face before leaving him to sleep for 30 minutes. It is much harder to clean when it has dried and the sweet potatoes left a nice orange-ish tint around his mouth.

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