Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bouncy Birthday Party

If you know anything about Claire, you know that she loves inflatables (or "bouncies" as she calls them). She was elated to go to her friend Spencer's birthday party this morning and play on the bouncies for a little while. The slide is definitely her favorite.
Here comes Claire down the kiddie slide.
David and me.

Here comes Claire down the big slide. Whee!!

Baker was not far behind. Baker has a baby brother the same age as David.

Claire and Baker acting silly.

Jessica, Marianne, Holly and me. It is rare that we get a photo together.

Apparently, these things were not built for adults. I got a little caught up in the obstacle course.
Claire and me.

Will took David for a ride down the big slide. He seemed to like it.

Holly helped Claire (above) and Carter (below) with a little batting practice.

I finally managed to get a photo of the birthday boy. Time for cake and "Happy Birthday" singing. Looks like he is ready to blow out that candle.

A family photo - Marianne, Hunter and Spencer. What a sweet family and what special friends.

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