Saturday, November 22, 2008

We are thankful for ... school

Claire had a Thanksgiving party at her school this week and Will got to attend (and photograph) since I was tied up at work all day. The parents were invited to eat lunch with the children, and then help them make a craft and hear a Thanksgiving story. I think that Will did a very good job of capturing the day.
This is Claire's best buddy at church and school-Avery.
Will was super impressed that all of the kids went to their "square" when instructed by the teachers. I wish Claire minded that well at home!

Time to make our turkey. Will told me that Claire really liked working with the glue. We do not play with glue at home!

Claire's classmates working on their crafts.

Will helps Claire finish up her craft.

A group photo. I am so thankful that Claire goes to school where the parents are so involved. Apparently, I was the only parent who couldn't make it. (Not really, but it seems that way.)

This is Claire's regular "spot" at the table. Apparently, Ella (on the end) is one of her new buddies. She could not stop talking about her last week. Now I know why ... they sit next to each other.

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