Sunday, November 16, 2008

David: 7 months old

I can't believe my baby boy is 7 months old! He is still a sweet little boy who smiles all the time ... except when his teeth are hurting him, which is a lot lately. You can see those two little teethers on the bottom, but he has 4 more on the top that have broken through. Needless to say, he has not been a happy camper this weekend. I am sure we will have better pics of the teeth next month and an update on weight/height stats.
Our big accomplishment this month ... sitting up on our own. I mean, this little fellow has a steep learning curve. He went from barely sitting up assisted to sitting up on his own with very few falls in about one week. I still prop a pillow up behind him most of the time when I am not sitting with him just to prevent any head dings on the floor. He loves to stand too. I fear that he will be walking before he crawls just like his daddy. (Will started walking when he was 8 months old. He never crawled. Claire did not inherit this from her daddy but I'm afraid David might.)
He puts everything in his mouth ... and I mean everything.
He loves to play with his big sister and she can always elicit a big smile from him.
We have graduated to sitting unassisted in the baby bathtub. I think he will be ready to sit with sister in the big bathtub very soon. He still loves the water and loves to kick and splash.

Other news:

-He is started to "talk" more. I was worried that David wasn't babbling as much as he should be, but not after this week. He has certainly found his voice, although it is hard for him to get a word in edgewise since his big sister is CONSTANTLY talking. If you are ever around Claire, you know that I am not joking.

-His favorite mode of transportation is still rolling and he is VERY good at it.

-He is working on finger foods. He seems to like them a lot, but so far, every time I give him something, about halfway through, he gets choked and throws up and then I have a big mess to clean up.

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Caacie Li said...

He looks so big and is so so cute!! It is hard to believe how fast they grow up.
FYI - Maggie Kate loves to take baths with Cooper. I have one of those round seats for the tub and they both love it and it is much easier!