Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas party circuit

For some reason, all of our Christmas parties fell on the past weekend. So ... after I took out a small loan to pay our babysitters, we started the party circuit.

Friday: I attended my work party at South Street restaurant. It started at 3pm. Will opted out of this one to save some babysitting money. He came home from work to keep the kiddos while I went to the party. I grabbed some food, a drink, and sat down to catch up with my favorite partner's wife, Marli. After that, I headed home to feed the kids dinner before the sitter arrived for our next party ... my bible study group party (aka The West Christmas Extravaganza).

A photo of my bible study group is below (minus Krystal who was attending a family function). From L to R: Jadie, Beth, Ashley, me, Melissa and Heather. These girls are GREAT! I am so blessed to be a part of this group!

Here are our sweet hubbies who put up with our weekly 4-hour bible study sessions. We do study the bible, but we talk about A LOT of other stuff too. Doesn't Beth set a pretty table? She is definitely the hostess with the mostess (is that a word? If not, it should be). Bryan (far left) celebrated his 31st birthday at the party. We were honored that he chose to celebrate his special day with all of us.

Saturday: we continued the party circuit with a small get together at our house. Man, that was a lot of work. But, I will have a new recipe to post on Wednesday that I made for dinner that night. We had our nanny and her hubby and the other family that we share our nanny with over for dinner. We enjoyed getting to spend some time with Amy (when I was not giving her instructions about the kids) and meeting her husband. No pics from this night. I had my hands full with kids and food preparation.

Sunday: we had our Sunday School class Christmas party at George and Julie's house (our teachers). It was crowded. People really come out of the woodwork for these things! George read the Christmas story from the KJV in Luke. That brought back many childhood memories. Note: the three wisemen should not be in the nativity scene because they did not arrive to see Jesus until 2-3 years after his birth.

I think that is it for the holiday parties and I am relieved. Now, I feel like I can actually sit back, relax and enjoy the season.

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