Tuesday, December 16, 2008

David: 8 months old

David has had a busy month. He is growing so fast! Here are some of his accomplishments:

-he recognizes his name

-he loves to play in the bathtub with Claire and can sit on his own there now (with much supervision by Daddy)

-he is eating table food-so far diced carrots and green beans

-he grabs everything in sight and explores everything around him

-he is still not crawling, but he can roll anywhere he wants to go

-he can feed himself although he is still a very messy eater

-he is babbling all the time (just like his sister). I guess he finally decided that she is never going to shut up so he is just going to have to talk over her.

-he has 6 teeth-2 on the bottom and for on the top (all front and center)

-he loves to stand and pull himself up. he is not cruising on his own yet, but he loves to let practice walking while he holds your hands.

Below are a few snapshots from the past month.

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