Sunday, December 7, 2008

More "Thanks"giving pics

I know that Thanksgiving was 2 weeks ago, but I am still trying to catch-up. I couldn't leave Thanksgiving without expressing my thanks for Will's side of the family. We are thankful that they only live a couple hours away from us and we see them frequently. We are also thankful that they will keep our children during the Alabama football games. (It is very handy to drop them off on the way to Tuscaloosa.)

More cousins!! David and Claire with Brianna and Davis.

Brianna is a great helper with David. She kept him entertained all night long.

Claire loves to play with Brianna. Here they are "hopping" through the house.

David ... the morning after. This is what David's hair looked like when we got back from the Iron Bowl. This is what happens when Aunt Brandi gives him a bath! Despite the fact that David got my super-fine hair, he apparently also got Will's curls. Good for him!

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