Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Baby Shower for Candice

Okay ... so I am a little behind already and it is only JANUARY! We have had a busy month with work, sickness, travel, etc.

On with the show. Two weekends ago, I loaded up the kids (and Meme) and headed to Alabama for a baby shower. I helped host this shower for my sweet friend Candice. She is having her third baby!! And, after two precious little boys ... she is finally getting a little GIRL! We are tickled pink!

Here is a recent pic of her two boys. They don't know what they have coming! Aren't they the cutest kids? Little sister will definitely have her hands full (or maybe vice versa).

Look at this beautiful table. I say that I "helped" with this shower, but all I really did was bring the cute basket of muffins and some apples. I made a very tasty toffee dip for the apples and I have posted the recipe below. Unfortunately, the dip missed its ride to the shower and I could not return to get it 2+ hours away. BTW, lists are much more helpful when you actually READ THEM!
Shower idea: we had lots of cute "pink" treats sitting out. (See the wine glass full of treats under the flower arrangement.) Valentine M&Ms are white, light pink and dark pink. Strawberry whoppers and junior mints make for a cute pink/brown combination (and they are quite tasty).

Mommy of 3 to be Candice with Laura, Heather (standing), me and Kaisha (kneeling).

Laura serves up some friendship tea. That is really what it's called. If I had the recipe, I would share it too, but I don't ... so I won't. Take my word for it ... it was yummy!

Candice opening gifts. This little gal will want for NOTHING!

Claire went to the shower too so she could play with her friend Mattie. Mattie's mom, Kaisha, is one of my BFF's from high school and these girls were born about 6 weeks apart. They had a lot of fun playing together. (See below.)

I love this picture so much and I HATE that it is so freakin' blurry! I am going to try and doctor it up on Photoshop, but this was all I could manage tonight.

Now for the dip recipe. Take 8oz. pkg. of cream cheese and mix with 3/4c. brown sugar, 1/2c. white sugar and 1t. vanilla. (I never said it was healthy. And, dipping apples in this removes any nutritional value gained from eating apples.) Let sit in fridge overnight. Add heath toffee bits right before serving. (I usually use 1/2 bag, but add more or less to your liking.) Serve with sliced apples.

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