Tuesday, January 20, 2009

David: 9 months old

This has been a busy month. David is growing so quickly!! Here is the monthly update:

He is still a big boy. He weighed just under 19 pounds when we saw the doctor the week after Christmas with a double ear infection. {That was NO FUN for anybody. David was miserable and could not sleep. We felt like we had a newborn again. He ran a high fever (between 102-104) and slept sitting up in his car seat for 3 nights. We were relieved when the antibiotic kicked in and after about a week, he was back to 100% and my smiley, happy boy.} We haven't had the 9-month well check yet so I don't have the official 9-month weight, height, etc.

He still has a big head! 97th percentile to be exact. I like to think that means he has lots of brain power. However, the doctor is a little more concerned (but not much). Hopefully, his head growth will plateau out at his next well check and we will not have to move forward with a CAT scan. The doctor (and us) are not too worried because he is developmentally normal and big sister had a big head too!

He is starting to interact so much more with Claire. In the picture below, she had put a ball in his pocket when they were playing one day. (Claire is obsessed with pockets right now.) He loves to play with her toys, which are usually things he shouldn't be playing with for safety reasons (e.g., crayons, dress-up jewelry).

He started crawling last week. Finally! He is getting into everything now. I did not have to do much babyproofing with Claire, but I have a feeling that will not be the case with David. In addition to the crawling, he has mastered the transition from tummy to rump (both directions).

Like his sister, he is quite the chatty cathey. He has mastered the "ba-ba", "da-da" and "ma-ma" sounds. He likes to talk himself to sleep and Will and I joke that he is calling for one or the other when he needs to be soothed.

He loves to play peek-a-boo and will pull his bib up over his face when he is wearing one. He gets the biggest grin when you pull it away from his face and squeal "peek-a-boo".

He is eating finger foods now. He loves puffs and cheerios and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. Other than oatmeal at breakfast and applesauce, we are pretty much off the baby food. Mainly because HE HAS SIX TEETH! Four on top and two on the bottom. I am afraid he is going to be my biter!

On a closing note, her is a picture of David's first Christmas. We took the same photo of Claire during her first Christmas in 2006 (they were the exact same age). See if you can tell which one is which.

ANSWER: the first picture is David. the second picture (with the wagon) is Claire. I am still in awe of how much they look alike. For a girl who was adopted and never looked like anyone in her family, it is a special blessing to have 2 kids who look so much alike and look like me!

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Melissa said...

Oh my, they do look so much alike! That"s crazy!