Sunday, February 22, 2009

Claire: Future Shoplifter?

I wanted to post this photo of Claire to show her modeling the finished outfit I discussed here. Also, I had two funny stories about Claire that I hope are not the beginning of her life of crime.

Shoplifting incident #1: At church today, the new bookstore opened and they had several children's bible story books displayed outside the store where we passed as we were walking to our car after church. Claire stopped to browse and we continued walking. Right before we left the building, I looked down to discover that she had actually taken a book. I quickly explained to her that we don't take things that aren't ours and we don't take things from stores without paying for them. Obviously, my point was not made.

Shoplifting incident #2: I took Claire to the grocery store with me this afternoon as a special treat and a little "mommy and me" time. We got some lunchables for her lunch at school this week and she asked to hold them. "Sure" I said. A few minutes later I discovered that she had opened one of the lunchables and started eating. I told her that we weren't supposed to open things before we paid for them. Her response: "But I hungry Mommy." I don't guess this was really shoplifting since we did pay for the item before we left the store (and did not try to leave without paying). But, I still think we have a few boundary issues to work on for sure!

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