Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was not supposed to work today. I had a leisurely day of errands/chores planned while I only had the care of one child who typically takes a 2 hour nap both before and after lunch.

Instead, my nanny ended up being available after all so I went to work for about 5 hours.

Then I picked up Claire at school.

Then we made cookies (for work tomorrow), which is not a quick or easy task when you are assisted by an almost 3-year-old.

Then I consoled David after he bumped his head for about the 10th time today-he needs to start walking soon or he is going to give himself a concussion.

Then I cleaned on top of the kitchen cabinets and put everything back from where we had the kitchen painted last week.

Then I tried to catch up on my bible study for the week since we meet tomorrow night and I have only done day 1 of 5.

Then I fixed dinner for the kids and heated up leftovers for myself since my hubby had a "work" dinner tonight. I forgot to mention that David threw up shortly after he started eating (I think he got choked on something) so I had to (1) clean up his "sick" and (2) fix him a second meal.

Then I fed David a bottle and put him to bed.

Then I gave Claire another bath because she got a fruit snack stuck in her hair. (Will had already given both kids baths during the hour he was home this afternoon.)

Then I cleaned up the kitchen. Then the faucet broke and I tried to fix the sink because water was not coming out of the faucet and instead was coming out under the sink (I finally gave up and left that project for Will). Then I cleaned up the water from under the sink.

Then I put Claire to bed.

Now, I am sitting here drinking a glass of wine and waiting for Will to get home so we can (1) fix the sink and (2) watch American Idol.

Did I mention that I had only gotten about 4 hours sleep on Sunday night because David threw up all over me at 2am. Like I had to take a shower all over me. He had a pretty high fever, but no ear infection. Monday morning, I had to leave work to meet my nanny at the doctor to learn that he had no ear infection and he was not teething. I did not learn (1) why he had a fever for the past 3 days or (2) why he would not sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.

I am so very tired and its only Tuesday!

But, I am thankful that I have a house to clean, a job and a paycheck, food to eat and a family to love. I am thankful to have good health insurance with only a $10 co-pay. I am thankful that my husband has a job with a company that just had 2 new drugs approved by the FDA (when many other pharmaceuticals companies are having major layoffs). I am thankful that I have all the energey and physical good health to do all this stuff (most of the time). God has blessed us beyond measure and I am certainly not complaining.

I just needed a little venting. And maybe some sympathy. I am certainly thankful for all the "stuff" I have to do.


Chris, Jen and Owen said...

I can't believe that you haven't started reading about Owen whatever his name... WHERE are your priorities?! :) Days like that (which are too common around here!) are when I tell myself over and over "this too shall pass". Pick an issue, any of them - puke, spewing water, fruity tangles in the hair...it'll pass, and too soon. Enjoy it. :)

Caacie Li said...

I feel you pain girl! Maggs has been sick for 2 weeks, but is finally better - ear infections in both ears and RSV - breathing treatments are not fun! But we are better now. And, I too am thankful for all God has given me! We must hang in there!!!