Tuesday, February 10, 2009

E-Mealz to the Rescue

With kids, work, etc., I really struggle with meal planning. But, I love to cook and I love sitting down with my family each night for dinner. It is a really good habit I want to form while my kids are young, so that when they are older, we eat dinner together each night and share our day (and the routine is already set).

Anyway, who has time to sit down before you go to the grocery store and pick out recipes, plan meals and make your shopping list? NOT ME! I try to keep a running list of things we need when we run out and then add our family meals to the list. That works just OKAY because I tend to just make the same things over and over again (those recipes being things I can remember all of the ingredients for at the store). Plus, I tend to overspend because I am buying things that aren't necessarily on sale. You know the drill.

What is girl to do? Hire a personal chef. Reality check: not going to happen in this lifetime. Instead, I ran across E-Mealz. I highly recommend that you CHECK-IT-OUT. Now. (this is starting to sound like an info-mercial.)

Each week, you get two sheets: (1) a 7-day meal plan with recipes and sides, and (2) a grocery list (categorized by meal number and listing all the staples you will need for each meal). EVEN BETTER. The meal plan is based on the particular store's sales for that week. So, it is cost effective too. You can choose from several different meal plans (for 2, low-fat, low-carb) and from several different stores (Wal-Mart, Publix, Kroger). Did I mention that it only costs $1.25 per week? That, my friends, is a steal when you think about how much time you would actually spend planning meals for the week. Plus, your family is getting a nutritious meal made by YOU!

I have been doing this plan about 4 weeks now and we have saved money on our grocery bill, gotten to try some new recipes and my whole grocery shopping experience is much less stressful.

I cannot say enough great things about this program. Sign up today! (and list me as a referral.)

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Melissa said...

Thanks for passing this on---I just signed up! I didn't see the referral part but I'll email them and see if you can get credit for it!