Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buy this girl some panties!

I am talking about Claire. Last Friday, while Claire was visiting her grandparents for the weekend, I purchased so new big girl panties for her. She has been potty-trained since June '08, but she needed some more panties that she liked (i.e., with characters). She got a 3-pack of Dora panties and a 3-pack of Disney princess panties. I showed her the new panties while I was unpacking and putting away her things on Sunday night right before bedtime. She was THRILLED!! She immediately took the still packaged panties and carried them around with her until bedtime. Then, when she finally got them open, she proceeded to unroll and stack them in a neat little pile. After that, she took off her pjs and did this:

Yep, that's right. She has all 6 pairs of panties on at the same time. She was very proud of herself.

We finally got her panties put away in her dresser and her in bed (we thought). A little later I heard her running around in her room. I went in her room and she had moved her dress-up clothes chest over to her dresser to stand on to get to her panty drawer. That girl is determined. I will give her that.

What is really funny about this story is that Will just got back from Anaheim, CA (with work) and had gone to Downtown Disney to get Claire a few "surprises" (including a Disney placemat and fork/spoon set, a princess brush and an princess wig to go with her Sleeping Beauty costume). She could have cared less about those things when she saw her new panties. I told him that next time he should just save some money and go to Wal-Mart and get her some panties.

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