Monday, February 16, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Look at my valentine cuties. Don't you love their shirts! I think they got to wear them a whole ONE time. Hearts are "in" all year, right?

So, Will and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday night with dinner at Midtown Cafe with Ty & Jessica. Will ordered the smallest steak on the planet. He got the 5oz. filet since he also ordered an appetizer, but it looked quite funny (and small) sitting on the big bed of creamed spinach.
My Valentine!

Our good friends, Ty and Jessica.

A sweet treat that I put together for Will's gift for his desk. The pics were a sweet treat to me from my friend Jadie. Too cute!

Claire, hard at work on her valentine's cards for her friends at "school".
A special Valentine's snack compliments of the Curious Gourmet cupcake cafe.

Pretty, Pretty Princess cupcake for Claire.
Vanilla Bean (with hearts) for Will.
Devil's Food cupcake for me. Actually, Claire decided she wanted the "kwakwat" cupcake so we traded. I think the vanilla bean cupcake was the favorite of the adults.

David did not want to be left out of the cupcake eating. He finished off the frosting from the pretty, pretty princess cupcake. He is gearing up for the birthday coming up in a couple of months!

Saturday, Will and I had a romantic dinner at home after we put the kids to bed. We tried to watch a movie on "On Demand", but Comcast was slow because of "heavy usage" in the area (go figure!) and it was approaching bedtime. Then, we tried to watch one of our own movies on DVD, but the color was messed up. We gave up on the movie at that point and switched back and forth between the NBA All-Stars slam-dunk contest and "The Break-Up". {How romantic!}

Some other random Valentine shots.

This is the outfit that Claire's Meme made her to wear to her party at school on Thursday.

Another cute photo of Claire in her heart shirt.

My SWEET girl!

Will helps Claire read her Dora Valentine card from Mommy & Daddy. What is Valentine's without Dora? Not much at our house!

David with his first Valentine card ... from Mommy & Daddy of course!

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