Sunday, February 15, 2009

What did we see at the zoo?

Friday, we had a little teaser of Spring, so we headed out to the zoo to meet some friends and enjoy the nice weather. We had such a fun time, and made some new friends! We stayed there for 4 hours and I was POOPED when we got home. Unfortunately, Claire wasn't so there was no rest for the weary until Will got home from work. Here are a few pics from our fun day.

At the entrance when we first arrived ... all bundled up. It was a little chilly when we first got there.

Claire, Anna Kate, James and Delaney check out the meer cats.

Delaney and Claire all dolled up in their Valentine's t-shirts.

Elizabeth, Delaney, Claire and Emily check out the zebras. Actually, I just see one in the picture. And another brown animal with horns that I can't ever remember the name of.

Claire snacked on a Valentine treat at the giraffe cage. See the 3 giraffes far away in the background? They were having a snack too. We wish they weren't so far away!

What would a zoo trip be without a wishing well???? This was much more interesting to the girls than looking at silly animals. Drop a coin and watch it roll.

Life-size, pretend alligators (or crocodiles?) at the playground.

This was a hit with David. I think he was just happy to be out of the stroller for a while. He was quite the little trooper.

Claire and I in front of the elephants. Roll Tide (that is what elephants say at our house). David was napping (finally) so we didn't get a family shot.

The padded playground. Always a fave.

Even David got to get down and play. He loved it, but kept trying to crawl out.

Despite the end-of-the-day exhaustion, we had a fun time and can't wait for it to warm up so this will be a more frequent outing. By the way, there were adults supervising this little adventure, but, as usual, I didn't get any pics of them!
**ADDED: When recounting our adventure to our babysitter later that night, Claire told her that there was animal poop on the ground (we saw the zookeeper cleaning the elephant area) and Jesus was there. Not sure where she thought she saw Jesus, but at least she is talking about him!

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