Monday, February 2, 2009

Our "Super" Busy Weekend

Despite the fact that we were home all weekend, we were busy, busy, busy.

Friday, we had dinner with two other couples from our Sunday School class at church as part of our rotating supper club groups. We ate a J. Alexander's and it was YUMMY. (Of course, after waiting an hour for a table, I probably would have eaten my shoe and called it yummy.) Two words about J. Alexander's: onion rings. You know what I am talking about.

Saturday, Will hit the golf course and the kids and I headed to Meme and Poppy's house so I could sew with Meme. (We are making a little Valentine's Day outfit for Claire and my niece Evie.) Poppy was kind enough to keep Claire entertained while we worked. He was very sweet to let Claire boss him around all afternoon. Saturday night, we meet another sweet couple from our Sunday School class for dinner at Bonefish Grille. Another fave. We had the best chocolate creme brulee, which was the dessert special. It did not disappoint.

Sunday was our regular routine of church, chores, etc., until time for the super-bowl. We did get to make a quick trip to the park with the kids thanks to some fabulous spring-like weather. This was David's second trip to the park here of late and he has really taken a liking to the swings (just like his sister). Below are some pics of our trip to the park. Will was there too, but apparently he didn't make it into any pics.

For the first time since Will and I have been together (since 1999), we did not attend or have a Super-Bowl party. We just weren't feeling it this year. Not sure why. We both actually sat and watched the game together (in between feeding and patrolling the kids and putting them to bed), which typically doesn't happen when we have a party. The kids were not so much into the game, which is what I meant by "patrolling". We were sort of glad that both of them missed afternoon naps and headed to bed a little early.

Claire: "Don't worry about me mommy. I being super-careful." Said as she leans on the furniture, hangs from the treadmill and climbs on her chair. I don't know where she heard anyone say "super-careful"?

This one, on the other hand, is not super-careful. He is learning lots of new tricks from big sister ... like, climbing on the treadmill and ...
climbing up stairs. Oh yes he can!

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Phillips Phamily Mama said...

the treadmill/jungle gym is a favorite at our house!