Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best Buddies

One of my favorite things about watching David grow up, is watching how he interacts more and more with Claire. She has certainly warmed up to him too and loves that he is now mobile and able to "rough house" with her a little more. Below are some recent photos of the two playing together.

In mommy & daddy's bed watching cartoons in the morning while Will and I get ready for work.

Playing outside. Note that Claire was ramming David's car with her tricycle. Also note Claire's new Dora bike helmet and elbows pads. We are trying to teach her to be safe!

Eating breakfast. Daddy was playing golf and mommy was packing a diaper bag to go to a birthday party and David was HUNGRY. I was actually upstairs getting something and heard Claire pulling the kitchen table chair around. I came downstairs to find this. She kind of teases him with the bottle a little bit (by pulling it out of his mouth while he is still eating), but he thinks it is funny, so no big deal.

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