Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday Fun!!

Friday morning, we headed out to the zoo with my friend Colleen and her two girls. We walked all over the zoo and ended the day at the playground. We had such a fun time. We met up with my friends Claire and Holly around lunch time and added their kiddos to the mix. I took only a few pics of the animals we don't really get to see up close and personal very often.

These birds are right at the entrance and they were very busy picking on the bird in the middle. I've never seen that many out there before.

This is how close the giraffes were (and I did not zoom in with the camera). They are never this close.

One of them even walked this close. He stood there and posed for us for a good long while. What a great photo op! Claire, Carter and Delaney check out Mr. Giraffe.

Claire and I in front of the giraffe.

You would think after 3-4 hours after the zoo, the kids would be tired. Perhaps not. I know that I sure was tired. David napped for about 1-1/2 hours (after missing his morning nap) and Claire napped none. So, we were excited when Will got home from work and set the inflatable up in the yard.

I love when I catch a real smile on Claire. This picture is one of my favorites!

This was David's first experience in the inflatable. He did not like it at all at first. His little hands were shaking!

He warmed up a little bit after he got inside with his daddy.

We loved being outside on Friday and hope that Spring is here to stay!

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