Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilt-Along Update

Thank goodness for Thursdays and naptimes! Because, on Thursdays, I am at home with David while Claire is at MDO for part of the day. David usually goes down for a nap shortly after we get back home from dropping Claire off so I have a couple of hours to sew (or do chores, etc.).

So, today, I caught up on my quilt blocks. Elizabeth at Oh Fransson posted instructions for blocks C and D earlier in the week and I finally had time to sew them up. I am happy with how they turned out.

BLOCK C: Look closely. You will probably never see this type of block on any quilt I make again. This was a lot of sewing, ironing, lining up seams, and more sewing. I like the finished product, but it is definitely not worth the work!

BLOCK D: This block turned out nicely. This is more up my alley. I can handle sewing 4 strips of fabric together!

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If anyone is thinking about making a quilt, I would suggest not using any directional fabrics the first time. You have enough stuff to think about than having to add making sure all your fabrics are turned the right direction. I only had one directional print in the fabrics I selected and I already messed it up and had to reorganize my blocks so the lines would be going up and down (see block C).

Hopefully, Elizabeth will get the instructions for blocks E and F up soon and I can sew them up over the weekend!

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