Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol, Top 7

Tonight's theme: songs of the cinema. Surprisingly, there was no Whitney and no Celine, but a lotta Bryan Adams. Not real sure what guest judge Quentin Tarantino can offer in the way of musical instruction, but he seemed to be a big fan of the show. None of the actual performances seemed to reflect any of the tips he gave the contestants, so they must have been thinking the same thing that I was.

Alison Iraheta - “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”: Warning: you might be blinded by her REALLY RED HAIR. Looks like she had her color done this week. The judges LOVED this performance and I just really didn't think it was all that great. It was good, but not my personal favorite and far from her best performance.

Anoop Desai - “Everything I Do I Do For You”: Great vocals and great performance. It was pure and simple and sounded better than the original version. (Sorry Bryan Adams, I will still listen to your Greatest Hits album religiously, but this song is a bit overplayed in my book.)

Adam Lambert - “Born To Be Wild”: Since I missed Adam's performance last week, I couldn't really compare, but apparently the judges (i.e., Simon) thought last week's performance was better. In the words of my husband (and I got permission to quote him), "What the hell was that?" This performance was a little over the top for my liking.

Matt Giraud - “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman”: Matt, oh Matt, why do you send us on the roller coaster week after week? I agree with Boomama's comments on this performance 100%.

Danny Gokey - “Endless Love”: Good performance overall. A slow, start, but a strong ending ... Gokey-style.

Kris Allen - “Falling Slowly”: I have not heard of this movie or this song, which in tonight's genre, might have worked to Kris' advantage. Probably my favorite performance of the night.

Lil Rounds - “The Rose”: In theory, this was a good song choice and good arrangement for her with the funky gospel feel, but she did not execute. I think she may in trouble this week.

In summary, Kris and Anoop were my fave performances of the night. I predict the bottom three to be Lil, Matt and Allison. What did you think??


Smoochiefrog said...

Well of course Adam's performance was over the top, that's what Adam does! :)

JenB said...

Adam just scares me and I cannot make myself like him. Kris is my fave. Love him!
Great recap!

Juliet said...

Nice recap! Love the rollercoaster image for Matt -- why can't he just do what he's good at?