Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Recap-Part I

Gosh ... you were probably beginning to think that this was a blog only about American Idol. Sorry, we've been busy this month. I am going to try and do 2-3 posts recapping all the happenings this month. Bear with me.

This month, there have been birthdays and Easter and parties and lots of other fun stuff. I even managed to squeeze a little sewing in, but I will get that in a separate post. Oh yeah, David turned one and Claire turned three, so we threw 2 birthday parties too.

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Our Sunday School class has an annual egg hunt at a local park for all the kiddos. And let me tell you, it is a lot of kiddos. We definitely know how to procreate in our class.

Here are the kids all lined up ready to start hunting. (See Claire in the blue dress.)

David and I hung out and watched the egg hunt.

Another cute pic! Claire was happy to give David her eggs after she took the candy out of course!

This is Claire's best buddy at church and school and her two sisters (all in pink). Their youngest is in David's class at church.
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My two men.
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Hylton's First Birthday Party

After the egg hunt and a short nap, we headed out to another Easter-themed party to celebrated Hylton's first birthday. This is one of David's little "buddies", even though they've only seen each other like twice ever. I know they will be great friends in the future though.

They had a real, live Easter Bunny at this party.

Note my kids' reactions to the Easter Bunny. David was eating it up ... Claire, not so much. We have made a lot of progress from our hysterical screaming "no bother me" and shaking from our character experience at Disneyworld last September. We are now in the "hide behind Daddy's leg" stage.

A family photo. This pretty much sums up David's mood the entire afternoon. He was a handful at this party. This is pretty much his mood any time someone is trying to restrain him. See that cute little blue balloon flower on Claire's wrist? They also had a balloon artist at this party and he was good at his job!

Here is a shot of all the kiddos at the party ... and all quite decked out in their Easter-themed clothing.
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I told you the balloon artist was good. He made this bunny; this picture was as close as I was going to get to a picture of my kids with the Easter bunny.
Yummy cake and cupcakes ... Claire is checking everything out.
Here is the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Hylton!
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Off to the Theater

On Good Friday, we headed to the downtown public library to see a play of one of our favorite bedtime stories ... "Llama Llama Red Pajama". I do believe every child under the age of 5 in the middle Tennessee area was there. Good Friday + Spring Break + bad weather outside = crowds at the really good indoor activities. We got there at 11am for the 11:30 show and it was already full. The actors were great though and just kept doing the play over and over until everyone there saw it. We finally made it in around 12:15.
Claire in the library lobby. I loved the life-size poster of the book.
Waiting in line ... Claire looks a little distraught. David, not so much. Fortunately, I came armed with snacks and sippies since we were there through lunch!
Sitting in the theater (with our friend Delaney) waiting for the play to start.
David did great during the play, but not so great after the play was over and we had to stay an extra 10-15 minutes for some bad weather to pass over (i.e., tornado warning).
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Another Easter Egg Hunt

This was the 4th annual Carrico Easter egg hunt. It is always a fun time. This is David and one of his little friends Madeline.
Here is a group photo of all 21 kiddos. Okay, I just counted 22, but the hostess said there were 21 there.
Hunting eggs ... one of Claire's favorite activities.
A surprisingly good family photo.
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Birthday Cupcakes at School

I made these cute princess cupcakes to take to Claire's class at school for her birthday. I think they turned out pretty cute and cost me all of about $5 for 24 cupcakes thanks to a little lady name Betty Crocker!
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These kiddos love them some chocolate cupcakes.
These 3 girls are going to be TROUBLE when they get older. Shoot, they are probably TROUBLE now.
Claire is crazy about her MDO teachers ... Miss Stacey
... and Miss Jayne
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Anytime the birthday poster is up, we know what that means!
Claire and me.
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