Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Recap: Part II

April 16

We had a little mini birthday celebration for David on his actual birthdate.

Then we went outside and took some pictures.

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My Little Froggers

My mom bought these matching outfits for the kids for their birthdays. I love it!! And I love even more that they have matching outfits that I didn't have to make!! I snapped this picture after church last Sunday.

Say Cheese!

Claire got this digital camera for her birthday and she has been running around the house ever since yelling "Say Cheese"! I don't know why she thinks we have to take pictures of everything. I mean, she certainly didn't get that from me (cough, cough). Rollers are explained below.

Toddlers & Tiaras

Has anyone seen this show on TLC. I must admit that I watch it on a pretty regular basis. My sister and I were in beauty pagents when I was little, which is why I am drawn to this show. But things have definitely changed since I was 8-9 years old! I will admit to taking modeling lessons, preparing routines for different outfits/categories, wearing make-up and even tanning. However, there were no hair pieces, false eyelashes or fake nails. Well, after watching the show the other night, I decided I wanted to try to sponge-roll Claire's hair. (I spent about 75% of my elementary school age life sleeping in sponge rollers.)

On a side note. Claire got the "kitty cat boots" for her birthday and she wears them 24/7. The first night, we made her take them off to go to bed and when Will went up there to check on her later, she had put them back on and gotten into bed. The next morning, the very first words out of her mouth was ... "I want my kitty cat boots." Thanks Aunt Ashley!

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Okay ... back to the rollers. I really wasn't sure she would sleep in them, but she did. I shot this picture before I woke her up the next morning.

The finished product. Not too bad. The roller on the left side of her head came out during the night which is why it is straight. I'm not too sure we will do this again anytime soon.

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Avery's 3rd Birthday

Another "bouncy" birthday party. This seems to be the "thing" at Claire's age. Well, we had lots of fun at this party and Claire liked getting to see all her little friends from church.

Here is Claire and the birthday girl herself. Happy Birthday Avery!
Avery's mommy snapped this picture of Claire and me and I love it!

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