Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warm Weather Weekend

We have been loving the beautiful weather we had this weekend. From Thursday on, temps were in the 80's so we got outside A LOT to enjoy the weather.

Friday morning we went to the park to play and have a picnic. Friday night, we kicked off the summer grilling season with a cookout with our next door neighbors on their AWESOME back porch. A good time was had by all.

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Saturday morning, we met our favorite photographer Jadie to take David's 1-year and Claire's 3-year pictures. The weather was perfect of course, which is good since we cancelled 2 weeks ago because it was too cold to be outside in sleeveless outfits!

After we recovered from all the picture taking, had lunch and a nap (the kids had a nap), we set David's water table up in the backyard. Thanks RiRi and DiDi for the AWESOME birthday present!! The kids would have played for hours, but we had to pull them inside because their backs were getting a little red (despite the 50 sunblock).

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After another nap and a trip to the Y, we headed to the Jennings' house to ... you guessed it ... play outside some more. They have lots of cars and trucks to play with at their house and we had a blast! The daddies owe the mommies a girls' night out since they left us high and dry with 4 kids 3 and under to go to a Titan's draft party. I felt the need to document that here so no one would forget!!

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