Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol, Top 4

Tonight's theme: rock and roll. With the exception of the Beatles song that Kris sang, the only reason I knew any of these other songs was because my hubby and I spent almost every night last summer playing Guitar Hero on the Wii after we put the kiddos to bed. Thank you Nintendo Wii for broadening my musical horizons. (The only reason I knew that "Come Together" was a Beatles song was from last season of AI when they sang Beatles songs for about 5 weeks in a row.)

Adam Lambert - “Whole Lotta Love”: This was a good performance, but what did you expect from Adam on rock and roll night? Seriously ... the judges might as well just hand him the trophy on a silver platter. See BooMama's rant on this subject.

Allison Iraheta - “Cry, Baby”: I personally would like to hear Allison sing a little Joan Jett, but obviously she did not ask me what I thought about her song selection. This was a good performance too, but again, this was an easy genre for her. It seems as if the judges are trying to guarantee her a spot in the finals with Adam.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey - “Renegade”: The harmony in this song was great! And, they actually sang a duet, which is more than what I can say about Adam and Allison, who basically just took turns singing except for a couple of mediocre attempts at harmonizing. I thought this was a really pleasant and enjoyable "rock" (maybe "light rock"is a better term) performance.

Kris Allen - “Come Together”: I was a little worried about Kris tonight ... not that I doubt his ability to perform, but this was definitely not his genre. It was really good though and he still managed to make it his own.

Danny Gokey - “Dream On”: The first part of this song was a little boring and the end was a lot shrieky, but the middle part was genuine Danny and it was good. (You know, the part where he got to the chorus, but before he got all shrieky and tried to hit a note that only a person named STEVEN TYLER can hit.) I respect Danny for taking a risk and hope that it will pay off for him tomorrow night at the results show. We shall see.

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert - “Slow Ride”: Both singers were good in this song but it wasn't really a duet.

Best Performance of the night was Adam. My favorite performance was Kris. I think Allison will go home tomorrow night. What do you think?

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Smoochiefrog said...

I loved both duets.