Sunday, May 10, 2009


It has been raining here literally about two weeks straight. I am not joking. The sun has poked it's head out a few times, but sun sightings have been very rare. The rain all started about two weekends ago, the same day that Will headed out to Florida to play golf with some of his friends for the weekend. It rained pretty much all day on Friday and Saturday. I let Claire sneak outside to splash around in the driveway on Friday afternoon when the rain was just a little drizzle. She loved it ... until she got water inside her boots. Such is such a girl!

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While we were at home riding out The Great Flood of '09, Will was in sunny Florida for the second annual Birdies & Brews (aka his annual guys golf trip to Hammock Beach, FL).

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Thanks to Courtney at Shoals Trophy for donating the awards for this fine event.

Speaking of water ... last week, Claire started swim lessons and she had a ball. I think she is part fish because she LOVES the water. We will probably need to invest in some private lessons for her to really learn how to swim, but so far, her group lessons have been a fun way to get her acquainted with swimming.

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