Monday, June 8, 2009

Belated birthday party pictures

I have finally managed to post some pictures of the kids' birthday parties.

After 2 years of planning to have Claire's mid-April birthday outside and having to move it inside at the last minute due to bad weather, we finally planned her birthday inside ... at an indoor playground. The only thing missing was the swings! All of the kids had a great time!

Here is Claire with her Dora cake.

And playing on the playground.

And blowing out her candles while her friends sing "Happy Birthday".

Here are some of the daddies at the party. Will with friends Hunter and Ty. {I am posting this picture just to prove that Will was there ... I think this is the only picture I snapped of him.}

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Here is a group photos (minus Cole who had to leave early and the two little kids-David and Ian). Can you believe I got seven 3-year-olds and two 7-year-olds to sit still for a picture? I was SHOCKED. They must have been in a sugar coma.

Here is Claire opening gifts at our house after the party. Princess Evie is supervising.

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David's birthday party was immediately after Claire's party just to accommodate family who was already in town {and contain all the party craziness in one day}. We put the inflatable up in the back yard for the older kids.

It was mostly family at David's party, but this is David's little buddy Hylton (they were born 10 days apart and Hylton's mommy & daddy are some of our bestest friends). David was thrilled that he came to the party. Actually, he was just mad that I made him sit down for a photo. Whatever the reason, this photo cracks me up!

Time for cake. David in his party hat.

Blow out the candle ... he was not too sure what to think.

Let's get MESSY!

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David opening gifts. He got the chair from Will and I to match his big sister's chair.
A bunch of random family photos that were taken at David's party follows.
RiRi and DiDi
A family shot ... my kids were not being cooperative for the photos on that day. At all!
Meme and Poppy
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My sister's kids on the two ends. Ian was NOT happy about taking his pacifier out of his mouth for this picture.
I love this picture. I looks like David is thinking ... "there. that will shut him up."

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