Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend update ... welcome to the sick house.

This weekend had great potential ... great weather, great plans, etc. But then David got sick. And then I got sick. And then Will got sick.

It started off great. Friday, I hosted our playgroup outside and let the kids play our the inflatable. The weather was perfect! I even concocted this great snack idea below and the kids loved it! I made a last minute switch with the chocolate chips and used Oreo cookies instead. Mini Oreos or mini chips ahoy cookies would be perfect. Each kid got a baggie and made their own snack mix. I would suggest putting everything up after they make their snack bags or they will hover at the snack table the entire playgroup!

Look who came to visit us this weekend. Lucy stayed with us while Meme and Poppy were out of town. Claire loves "Lucy-belle" as she calls her (she has heard Meme call her that). She kept a close eye on her all weekend. David loves Lucy too, but the feeling is not mutual ... unless David is eating something. This was Friday morning when David swiped Claire's pop-tart. Lucy was close behind to catch any crumbs (and there were many).

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Friday afternoon, when Claire was supposed to be napping, I walked into her room and found this. Apparently, her babies were not comfy crammed into the baby bed, so she switched with them.
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Friday afternoon, David got sick. In Target. All over himself, the shopping cart and the floor. I couldn't find anybody to help us and I didn't have a diaper bag or anything. I finally started walking to the front of the store, told the first worker I found where to go to clean up, left the cart at customer service, and went to the bathroom where David was stripped down to his diaper and cleaned up with a wet paper towel. He left in a diaper.

We had plans to eat Mexican with some friends from church; those plans were quickly cancelled! Will and I threw our own little Mexican fiesta at home, complete with cheese dip and margaritas!
David was sick all Friday night and Saturday morning. All was well for about half a day. Saturday night, we even left the kids with a sitter and went to dinner with some couples in our Sunday school class. (We did not think David had a virus at this time. He had a lot of drainage the past few days and we thought it had irritated his stomach. This happened once before and he got a raging fever the next day and had an ear infection. We were anticipating another ear infection.)

Sunday morning, I woke up about 4am feeling sick. (We figured out then that David did have a virus after all.) I went back to sleep, but it all hit me about 6am. We laid around all day. Will got sick around 6pm. Hopefully Claire won't get anything. So far, so good.

All this to say, I will not be making any trips to Target anytime soon! I told Will last night that sometimes God does things to make us slow down and rest and I thought this was one of those times. Maybe not, but it makes me feel better about spending a beautiful weekend doing absolutely nothing indoors.

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