Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our FABULOUS Fourth of July Weekend

This is going to be a long post ... but we had a long weekend.

Friday, we took the kids to the pool. The water was chilly due to our unseasonably cool weather here of late, so we didn't stay for long. I took some cute pictures of the kids, but they are on my old camera and the battery is apparently MISSING. I'm pretty sure David was the culprit. We have searched toy boxes and garbage cans to no avail. I'm sure as soon as I buy a new one, the old one will reappear. Until then ...

Friday night, my family came over for a cookout and fireworks. Alas, the fireworks pictures are on my inoperable camera. I did get this picture with my sweet boy in all of his 4th of July glory.

This next series of pictures is our attempt to try and get a picture of all the cousins (on my side of the family).

I love David's sweet little smile in this picture.

and this one.

Saturday morning, we headed to a heated pool at our friends' parent's house. We had such a good time with all 12 adults and 9 kids. At least we weren't outnumbered.

Baker's daddy loves to throw him in the air.

Despite the heated pool, the guys (and the kids) all seemed to end up in the hot tub (aka "the little pool").

Claire's first time off the diving board. She was a little reluctant at first ...

But then she heard mommy mention a "special prize".

She jumped in without any further hesitation!

Carter taking a turn off the diving board ... he was a fan of the belly buster.

Baker's turn ... look at that form.

Don't forget the mommies. We were there too! My friends Holly and Jessica.

David's little buddy Hylton arrived while David was taking a nap. We must coordinate their nap schedules!

Saturday night ... all dressed up with no place to go. We were supposed to go watch "big fireworks" at a local park, but decided to stay home due to the approaching storms. We traded our picnic and fireworks for a home-cooked BBQ dinner and a movie (popcorn included).

We managed to get a couple of decent family shots before the rains came. And boy did they come!

Will looks thrilled to be grilling in the rain with his own personal lightning rod ... I mean umbrella.
Sunday, we donned our fourth finery one last time and headed to church. David is not really liking having his picture made right now. Not. At. All.
Sunday night, we had our swimming buddies over for a cookout and this was the only picture I took. It was still raining, so we had 8 adults and 6 kids in the downstairs of our house. It was a bit CRAZY! This is Will and David with our friend Ty and his son Hylton. David and Hylton were born 10 days apart. I hope that they will be good friends one day.
I hope that you and yours had a Happy Independence Day and you took time to celebrate our freedom!

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Jadie said...

Hmm... are you sure your camera battery wasn't on top of the car when you backed out? Maybe Will should walk up and down the railroad tracks looking for it. ;)