Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our weekend, Twitter-style

-VBS family night at our church. Claire didn't sing. She just stood there. But she didn't cry, so that was an accomplishment I think.

-Ice cream afterwards. This was promised to Claire if she didn't cry during the VBS program. We are all about bribery in our family.

-Watched "He's just not that into you" on DVD. It was okay. Will fell asleep halfway through.

-Took a quilt class on Saturday and made this ... almost finished. (okay, so the lighting is really weird in this picture.)

-Went to the zoo-no pictures since Daddy was in charge.

-Ate dinner with some good friends at Bonefish Grill ... yummy!

-Organized the closet in our bathroom. (more on that later)

-Went to the 50th anniversary at the small church I grew up in Waynesboro.

-Ate the most yummy potluck meal ever ... there were 4 tables of dessert.

-Watched hometown favorite Stewart Cink win the British Open. I was in a wedding with him in 1997. Will played golf against him in high school. Will is not on the PGA tour so you can guess how those rounds turned out!

-Cut David's hair. It was time. No less than 5 people over the weekend thought he was a girl. I hurt me to cut off those sweet little curls. And I forgot to take an after picture. He definitely looks like a boy now. Oh, and apparently this was TORTURE for him.

-Made homemade peach ice cream (this deserves a whole other post entitled "what can go wrong while making homemade ice cream", but this story is really Will's to tell) . It was WORTH all the trouble.

-Did some laundry. Does anybody know how to get the mildew smell out of a washer other than buying a new washer? I am campaigning to get a new one for Christmas, but I still have to wash clothes for the next 5 months.

Fun times ... time to start another week!


Kate said...

Love the post Susan! As far as the washer, I read that filling the washer up with hot water and adding a gallon of distilled white vinegar will do the trick. I am going to try it this weekend on mine too. Let me know how yours turns out.

Kate said...

I forgot to add the part about once you add the vinegar, run a full cycle with just the water and vinegar as if you had clothes in there.