Monday, August 17, 2009

I know it's Monday because ...

Traffic was horrible on my way to work this morning. (I think this has more to do with school being back in session than with it being Monday, but let's pretend.)

I left to meet a client about an hour away and it took me three tries to get on the interstate going in the right direction. I have been to this client's business MANY times.

When I arrived in said city, despite the fact that my Mapquest directions and navigational system told me to turn right, I proceeded to pass said turn, which made me about 15 minutes late for my meeting.

When I returned to my office from said meeting, I learned that a plumber was in our office and had turned to water off for about 30 minutes to do some repair work. I learned this after I had already used the bathroom in the potty I share with about 10 other people. It wouldn't flush. About 3 hours later, the plumber finished his work and turned the water back on. (I don't think anybody I work with reads this blog. At least, I hope not!)

When I was getting gas today, the heel of my shoe got hung up on the gas hose and I fell directly on my right knee cap. I almost cried. For real. I seriously thought I might have broken my knee cap. It is still a little numb and very sore.

The English peas I heated for dinner boiled over while I was upstairs getting David up from a very late nap. The liquid proceeded to run off my stove onto my counter top and into the floor. NICE!

When I was suctioning David's very runny nose out after his bath, it started bleeding. I feel like such a great mom!

Please pray that I have a better day tomorrow!


beki said...

Oh my goodness, days like that are so discouraging! Hopefully your week is going better :)

Chris, Jen and Owen said...

hope your week is better now. you certainly made mine better by sharing that! :)