Sunday, August 30, 2009

A "sweet" first birthday party

My sweet friend Colleen had the cutest birthday party for her little munchkin who just turned ONE. I took a ton of pictures, so bear with me.

The theme was Cami's Sweet Shop. She had this table set up full of candy and little bags for the kids to fill and take home with them. Remember pixie sticks? I forgot how much I loved that tube full of colored sugar!

Note the candy bracelet napkins rings. A very cute idea!

Claire was in heaven! This girls loves her some candy. When she wasn't in the swimming pool, she was hovering near the candy table.

Marshmallow treats for the little ones. Don't let his size fool you. This boy has a mouthful of teeth and will tackle for a M&M.

My friends ... Colleen, Holly & Claire.

A little party guest ... Miss M belongs to my friend Claire.

David wanted down badly, so he could: (a) run towards the swimming pool or (b) swipe some candy.

Who knew it would be so cold in August ... too cold for a pool party? The kids didn't seem to mind, although there was lots of shivering and blue lips when they emerged from the water. The birthday girls' daddy was the only parent brave enough to get in the pool ... he had his work cut out for him.

Here's the birthday girl!

... and her family.

Time for cake (and a little sunshine too)!

The big girls ... Sophie, Delaney & Claire

All the big kids.

The birthday cake aftermath. In retrospect, maybe the pink icing was not such a good idea!


chawthorne said...

Your pictures turned out awesome Susan! Thanks for posting them! I really must invest in a new camera! Glad you guys had fun at the party!

The Kelley Family said...

I love this birthday party idea! So precious and great for any age! I'll be remembering this idea for future parties! hehe