Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farm Day and some other stuff

A big shout out to Alabama this weekend in their first SEC game of the season. We hope they roast the HOGS! ROLL TIDE!

Actually, I put this picture on her for my mom. She made this dress for Claire and this is the first time she has worn it. I think it is very cute. My mom will testify that those elephants were a booger to smock.

The next two pictures are some gifts for my BFF from high school's little girl. I am helping host her baby shower this weekend. I was going to wait until after the shower to post these pics, but I'm pretty sure she won't see these since she has been on strict bed rest and doesn't have internet access at home. She can't even sit up in bed. She just has to lay there and watch TV. I am sure she cannot wait for Emma Bryce to arrive!

These are plain white onesies from Wal-Mart that I appliqued to match the pink and brown pants.
Here are some burp cloths too. Miss Emma will be spitting up in style! The shower colors are pink and brown and we are going to use all of these things to decorate. (We are going to hang them from a clothesline with clothes pins and hang the line on the fireplace mantle.)
Last but not least ... today was "farm day" at school for Claire. We don't have a lot of "farm" clothing, so we added a bandana and my grandmother's gardening hat to an otherwise non-farm outfit. Works for me!

This is Cow Girl (the stick horse). Claire made Cow Girl at school today. She took her for a little ride around the driveway when we got home. Don't you love her hot pink name?
Now we're just being silly ... playing peek-a-boo behind Cow Girl's head.
Can you guess what Claire is going to be for Halloween? That's right ... a cow girl. I bought her costume at Wal-Mart last week and now I'm on a quest to find some pink cowboy boots. Cow Girl the horse will make a nice prop.

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Lisa said...

Super cute! You have a good imagination.

Great vacation pics...too bad it comes to a close so soon.