Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Sports

Claire had her first soccer game today. She did not like her uniform and did not like that there was only one ball. The soccer clinic that we did this summer failed to have an actual scrimmage where all the kids played with the same ball!

There was quite a bit of whining and running to the sidelines, but by the end of the game, she seemed to be getting that she was supposed to try and kick the ball. I think she maybe made contact with the ball a couple of times. I missed it because I was trying to entertain David (who was not very happy about being in the stroller) on the sidelines. Mostly, Claire just wanted to stand on the field with Coach Keith and hold his hand. I don't even know what the score was, but she had fun and that is all that mattered.

We'll be back for more next week.

Immediately after the game, we headed to our friend Carter's 4th birthday party at Let It Shine Gymnastics. I didn't get to take many pictures because David was still the unhappy camper in the stroller and he pretty much cried the entire party. Except when I let him get down ... and he tried to go out on the gymnastics floor ... and outside in the parking lot. You get my point.

Waiting to slide into the foam pit.

A special treat just for the birthday boy!

Carter looks less than thrilled about our "Happy Birthday" singing abilities.

Carter and Claire

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